Meet The Book Poster co-founders Mattias-Johann Vlassov and Karin Rosenberg

The Book Poster was founded in Pärnu, Estonia by two young people - designer Mattias-Johann Vlassov and photographer Karin Rosenberg.

Our first poster came alive in 2018, when we wanted to make a personal gift for our friend, who is a book lover. By combining Mattias's design skills and Karin's photographs, we got a unique and personalised Book Art - whole book on one poster and a photograph of our dear friend. 

She was impressed about the book poster and this made us think that there might be a business idea worth pursuing. We got our kick-start from a local entrepreneurship program and now we are ready to ship our product all around the world. 


Garage48 hackathon participants and the winning team The Book Poster - designer and co-founder Mattias-Johann Vlassov, co-founder Karin Rosenberg and programmer Flavio Pontes.
In 2020 we won with our book poster idea at the Garage48 hackathon series in Pärnu, Estonia. In 48-hours, we developed a working code prototype, which allows you to see your personalised poster preview, giving us the print file and ultimately helps us to automate the process. Since then, we are working closely with Brazilian programmer Flavio Pontes to implement the code with our website.